Yes Diaries – “Status”

Meril really likes her friend Jake and she wrote before because she’s confused if Jake does like her. She was told not to expect anything and she did that. Meril is writing for the second time because their friendship got complicated when their other friend, Mitch, entered the picture. Jake confessed to Mitch that he likes her. When Meril asked him about Mitch, he said he likes Mitch but that doesn’t mean he loves her. He seems to find Mitch as a cool girl and being cool is something that Meril doesn’t have. Because of what happened, she asked her guy friend to change his facebook status to “In a relationship” with Meril. It was all part of her plan so that Jake won’t assume that Meril likes him. She is asking what to do? Her plan about the in relationship status, is it a right thing to do?