Yes Diaries – ” What Do They Mean To Each Other?”

Rhem met CHOI. They started as textmates then became lovers.  Rhem really fell in love with him.  She asked her cousin if she can be textmates with choi and ask him if CHOI has a girlfriend. Choi denied that he’s in a relationship, and after  Rhem found out, she broke up with CHOI. After some time, CHOI came back to Rhem’s life. They started seeing each other again. They kissed and had sweet moments together.  Rhem got a chance to ask CHOI if he has a girlfriend and he just said that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship because he wants to focus on his job.
Rhem got confused with his answer.  Now she asks, What are those kisses for?  the care he showed for her? What does it all mean? What should she do? Should she expect that she’s someone special in Choi’s life?